MRMTC Tournament - The Best!

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  Thank You, Congratulations and Wow - MidAtlantic Review

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  Bunch of Longfin for Capts. Evan and Craig

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  5 for 8 on Big-Eyes for Capt. Phil

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  4 for 4 So Far for PHilly

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Canyon Runner Sport Fishing
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Canyon Runner Fishing Report Service
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Our Members Nailed 500+ Big-Eyes and $2,000,000+ in Tournament Winnings in the Last 3 Years

You read that correctly - our members in the last 3 years caught 500+ big-eyes and over $2,000,000 in tournament winnings by using our information every time they left the dock and while they were offshore. This is without a doubt the number one way for you to excel offshore.

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Canyon Runner Outfitters - "Use What the Pros Use"

Welcome to Canyon Runner Outfitters where you will find the finest canyon tackle and tuna tackle available and the only canyon tuna tackle meeting the needs of the canyon tuna fishing crew who've earned the reputation as one of the hardest canyon tuna fishing crews on the 7 Seas - The CANYON RUNNER FISHING TEAM.

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6" Spreader Bars
Canyon 6" Spreader Bar

9" Spreader Bars
Canyon 9" Spreader Bar

12" Spreader Bar
Canyon 12" Spreader Bar

Green Machine Spreader Bar
Canyon Green Machine Spreader Bar

Mini-Mamba Bar
Canyon Mini-Mamba Bar

Canyon Runner Squid Dredge
Canyon Runner Squid Dredge

Runner Lures
Canyon Runner Lures

Daisy Chains
Daisy Chains

Canyon Jets
Canyon Jets

Canyon Runner - 2015 Tuna/Swordfish/Marlin/Shark Seminar Series - Presented By Simrad


Amazing Speakers - Capt. Deane Lambros/Capt. Phil Dulanie/Capt. Walter Harmstead/Capt. Craig Angelini/Capt. Mike Zajac/Capt. Ryan DiBagio/Capt. John Galvin/Dave Arbeitman/Capt. Gene Quigley/Capt. Sean - Restless Lady/Capt. Joe Shute/Capt. Freddy Gamboa

Amazing Crew - Canyon Runner Crew/Going in Deep Crew/Hubris Crew/Shore Catch Crew/Andrea's Toy Crew/Restless Lady Crew/Poon Harpoons Team

2015 Schedule
Atlantic City, NJ - January 24, 2015
Long Island, NY - February 28, 2015

RAISING $10,000+ FOR WOUNDED VETERANS - 20 Breakout Topics - 12 NEW TOPICS

Canyon Runner Seminar Series continues the standard it has long established as the most unique, in-depth, hands-on, detailed and informative Seminar on the East Coast. We now attract 1500+ participants and a dozen major corporate sponsors from SIMRAD, CAT, GPLINK, Seakeeper, and Viking Rafts. In short, 99% of those 1500 participants have walked away from our Seminars all with the same over-riding comment - "The Seminar is worth every penny!!!!!!!!!!!"

Tickets - Call 732-842-6825 or Email: info@canyonrunner.com

**FREE $100 Spreader Bar & Bag - Groups of 4 or More**

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Charter the 60' or 48' Canyon Runner Charter Boats in NJ and NC and Fish in Luxury

Charter the premier
New Jersey & North Carolina Charter Boats and fish for tuna, marlin, swordfish, sailfish and striped bass in luxury on any one of our 2 Boats. In 2015 we will continue to run our 60' Ritchie Howell and 48' NJ Charter Boat fishing out of New Jersey in the late spring, summer and fall and the 48' Viking in North Carolina in the winter through early spring.

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Canyon Runner Articles

Canyon Runner Sport Fishing in general, and Adam LaRosa specifically, has earned the reputation for writing the most detailed and informative articles published today primarily for The Big Game Fishing Journal - www.biggamefishingjournal.com. As is our approach to everything, we hold nothing back and give away ever technique, strategy, and secret we know to help you catch more fish. We enjoy putting people on fish. Whether it is on a charter, teaching them directly at one of our Seminars, or thru reading one of our Articles - if we can put people on just one more fish we take immense satisfaction in that. As such, please go thru all our articles and we are sure you will learn just one more trick or technique that should enhance your next trip to make it as productive as possible.


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